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Prevent burglary in your home with free surveillance - 30 day trial on alarm

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Easy protection with old phone/tablet

My Safety Eye is free, easy to setup and environment-friendly.

How it works

Download the MySafetyEye App from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone and create yourself as a user. Then download MySafetyEye again to your old smartphone or tablet, but now log in as a camera user. Connect the camera phone to the internet via your wireless network or data SIM card. Also connect the phone to a permanent charger.

You can now monitor your home and identify other MySafetyEye users in the neighborhood who can help if an alarm is triggered via your personal camera's motion detection. The rest of your family can also have access to the on / off function of the alarm, either directly on the alarm telephone or via the family's telephones. Via location sharing, the alarm can also be turned ON / OFF automatically as your family comes and goes. Fast, simple, secure and super easy.

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Selected features

  • Alarm Notification

    Via the motion detetion camera, you get alarm notification, If you have unwelcomed guests. You can instantly respond by asking for help from your neighbours or nearby friends and family “supporters” preventing too much damage.

  • Incident Reports

    Stay updated on this months police and neighbors incident reports including crime info statistics, and know when and if you should be prepared for or proactively try and prevent burglary in your home.

  • Add extra cameras with ease

    Do you have more than one house, ex. vacation home, office or similar? Add instantly more cameras and alarms on the same account.


If you want the possibility to send a SOS to your nearby friends and family, or connect your alarm to the App, then you need to upgrade your subscription.

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When you download MySafetyEye from Google or Apple, you first install the app on your normal phone, enter your address (s) and preferences for motion alarms, distance from your home where you would like to have alarms, etc.

Then you install the same app on your discontinued or old mobile phone. You activate it as a "camera phone" and then it is automatically converted to your surveillance camera.

You can see if the camera is on and you can see if it’s disabled, when you are at home.

When you leave your home, we can automatically turn on the camera.

Our monitoring solution is free, and the house alarm is a paid subscription. After installing MySafetyEye on both or more phones, you can have multiple addresses and multiple camera phones, and then monitor these locations. If you choose to subscribe to our motion sensor solution, the camera phone turns into a home alarm, which alerts when the camera detects a motion. There takes a picture so you can see what's going on. You also have the option to immediately connect to the camera phone so you can see what is happening in the home.

A supporter is one of your local co-users of our service. They have the ability to report burglaries, suspicious behavior and more. This way, everyone close by can get an early warning if there is something going on in your neighborhood. A friend is one of your supporters, who automatically gets an alarm, if your camera detects motion. For example, your nearest family, or a good friend who can help for example when you are travelling..

All subscriptions are enabled in the app.

We support Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. We have tested Iphone 5 and newer as well as Android with Samsung, LG, Sony, OnePlus and more. In addition, MySafetyEye has been tested on iPad and various tablets. MySafetyEye does not support devices older than 5-7 years, such as iPhone 4, where the phone cannot be updated to an operating system and version that MySafetyEye supports.

When you access the camera and see a stream of your location, the motion alarm feature is turned off. This is done to let you leave the room before the alarm goes off. It takes between 15 and 60 seconds from the camera switch from livestream monitoring to motion detection. You can look at your user app when it happens. At the same time, you’ll also be notified if a camera is offline either due to network or other reasons.

There is a video on Youtube that shows a good intro to the app and how it works. On the app itself under help (profile / help ) there is a full user guide with pictures and guides.

Have you upgraded your phone's operating system to the latest version? Next, upgrade MySafetyEye to the latest version in App Store or Google Play


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Avoid burglary in your home with MySafetyEye - simple, cheap, easy and environmentally friendly.

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